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  • ATP30-2
    Source: Time:2018-10-30

    ATP30-2 Elevator Tripod  

    • Removable tripod head for quick and easy erection.

    • The function-orient lifting system allows the laser to descend on an

       air cushion when column is unlocked. The laser is brought to a gentle stop. 

    • Tripod legs with spikes and rotatable hard rubber shoes for scratch-free use indoors. 

    • Spread stopper with high quality chain. 

    • MM graduation in central elevator column for measuring height.

    • Model No.: ATP30-2C: Extended/Closed length: 3000/1180mm,7.6kg.

                           ATP30-2B: Extended/Closed length: 2200/980mm,6.2kg.

                           ATP30-2A: Extended/Closed length: 1700/690mm,5.6kg.







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